Let's talk Catios!

All of our Catios are built from Grade A Cedar wood. Cedar is strong and durable, thrives in damp climates, and has a high moisture resistance. Natural oils in the wood keep it from rotting and decaying. It also works as an insect repellent while giving your catio a fresh cedar smell.  Cedar will give your Catio a long life expectancy of 30 years or longer.


When it comes to purchasing Cedar wood, we are definitely picky. Beautiful grain, straight cuts, and tight knot wood is what we seek. We hand pick through almost every piece of lumber that is used on our Catios!

Paint and Stain

Choose between keeping your Catio natural, painting it to match your house, or staining it.  We offer stain, sealant, and paint for all options. Standing with our high expectations of fine material we always use high grade pet safe exterior stain and paint.


We offer many options when it comes to fencing all of our options are cat approved! They are strong and small enough to keep cats safe and enclosed.

Pet screen

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Resists damage by pets, wind, and weather and is 7-Times stronger than regular insect screening.


Premium Black Steel wire mesh

  • Black PVC coated galvanized steel wire. This is our most popular option.

  • It comes in various size openings: 1/2"x1/2", 1"x1", 2"x2", 2"x3"

  • Rated for up to 30 years of useful life.

  • Engineered for exterior uses even with ground contact and high moisture areas it will remain durable.

Galvanized Wire Fencing

  • Typically used for areas where a plain steel rustic look is desired.

  • Alternative to the black steel mesh with similar sizes and strengths.


  • Decking, we can either build on an existing deck or build a new deck for the Catio.

  • Keeping your natural grass is a great affordable option that the cats will love. (This option may bring mud into the home and will require regular maintenance).

  • We also highly recommend using turf. We use a high grade artificial turf. This provides a soft comfortable floor for you and the cats to enjoy. Easy clean up, no mud, resistant to pet accidents due to drainage, and easy to replace if needed. Turf is a great option.

  • As an alternative, we recommend using either river pebble or pavers on flat ground.

  • We also can build on existing concrete pads which provide security and usually a good level working space.





  • Virtually unbreakable.

  • Long term weather resistant.

  • Sunlight resistant, won't discolor under the sun.

  • Lightweight.

  • Variety of colors.

Corrugated Metal

  • Ideal for protection against wind, heat, humidity, and water.

  • Made from durable galvanized steel.

  • Will not rust.

  • Long lasting.


Mesh Panel

  • Most affordable option.

  • This option is great in areas that are already covered or in circumstances where the Catio does not need to be protected from rain.

Catio Accessories

  • Scratching posts

  • Bubble domes

  • Ramps

  • Shelves

  • Steps

  • Bridges

  • Custom Cat Trees and more!

  • All of our carpet is exterior grade.

  • Very easy to sweep or vacuum. If spills or accidents occur cleaning with a mild cleaner and water is recommended.

  • We wrap our shelves and then staple from the bottom for a clean look and easy potential removal/replacement in the future.